Formation : Introduction to image processing and analysis with Fiji/ImageJ

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Formation interne pour les utilisateurs des plateformes RISEst, un certificat reconnu par l'école doctorale peut être fournis aux étudiants.

6 7 mars 2024
9h 17h

Introduction to image processing and analysis with Fiji/ImageJ


The RISEst ( and Alsace FBI Node ( microscopy core facilities are organising several workshops on "Introduction to bio-image processing and analysis with Fiji/ImageJ" the 2nd & 3rd November (in English) open to all (ITA, PhD, CR, DR, etc.) and free of charge.


Overview of the Course's Programme:

               - Introduction to the digital image properties

               - Overview of Fiji/ImageJ

               - Images/Files Input/Output

               - Image Properties (resolution, 3D, 4D, time, channels, etc.)

               - Stack manipulations

               - Image Enhancements & processings

               - Selections and Regions of Interest

               - Image Segmentation (thresholding, machine learning, deep learning)

               - Measurements

               - Batch processing with the ImageJ Macro scripting language

               - Overview of Plugins


Prerequisites: know how to use a computer

Location: computer room B100, Pharmacy Faculty, Illkirch

Sessions: the workshop will take place over 2 days, the first on will run from 6th to 7th of March 2024

Fees: free

Registration : open in 2024

The RISEst/Alsace Node Team